The process of creation


Welcome to the website of Spirit Garden Design Office!

This site has been made for You! Take a good look, and if you like what you see, just call us and you can take part in the experience.

This office came into being to meet our Clients’ needs. It was Your claim that we help your dream gardens to come true – with many years of experience in landscape architecture in the South-Buda region. It is in this region where we ourselves live and work. Based on a lot of years of experience and the opinion of our satisfied clients, and to satisfy new demands, we opened Your Garden Design Office in the spring of 2009, which is the first one in Érd.

We have been building gardens since 1994 and it is our intention to share this 18-year-long practical experience with you. We know what you need to create a really fine garden!

From the first drafts to the finishing touches we work whole-heartedly on your garden to make it as you have always wanted it to be; may it be tiny or spacious, an intimate courtyard or a little front yard of a high standard, or even a small estate. Many times we work with barren areas, but other times we have to reconstruct already existing gardens. Whichever the style, modern or traditional, Mediterranean or Far Eastern, possibly a romantic English garden or classical, we follow Your ideas and adjust them to the inner and outer appearance of the house. Take a look at the process of this joint creating effort.

Our design philosophy and our purpose is to create a garden usable as a ‘summer living-room’. According to our Clients, the new garden has an effect on their lifestyle; it lures them into new activities, even new habits. Most of them become aware that their – formerly neglected – garden has suddenly become integral part of their lives.

We always look for unique errands. Every garden is a new challenge for us to create something special, personal. Our greatest reward is to share the joy with You and Your family in the garden we have created together.

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