The process of creation


All of us have different needs in a garden; as a consequence, the price of each design is also different just as the requests are. The price of the design depends on the size of your plot, the requested level of details and of course your special, personal needs.

Permanent parts of the design documentation:

A well compiled design documentation includes all of the important information, which is indispensable/necessary to make a garden for you. Therefore, we always make the most important parts at the same time in one documentation, which are necessary for the professional construction of your dream garden.

First of all, we make an illustrated garden design plan of the best ideas for an ideal design of your garden.

We plan all of the plants’ exact location, types in order to achive an overall picture which perfectly suits all of your claims.

And what is very important, we give you an estimate of the predicted costs in advance to help you to make your decision. The design documentation’s permanent parts also contain the written documentation which provides clues to the garden construction.

If you wish to make your garden on your own, these plans are the key to your success. Our aim is to give advice and inspiration if our clients need any help.

Optional plans:

In many cases, the condition of the terrain, the complexity of the client needs require additional surveys, studies, plans, detail drawings.

If there is no available blueprint for the real estate, we need to make a garden survey before the design phase.

Complex terrain surfaces may necessitate the creation of a landscaping plan.

If you want a unique paved parking space or any other paved surfaces, we make your special design plan on a pavement construction plan.

To preserve your newly planted garden’s condition we recommend installing a watering system. For a reliably operating watering system we prepare a plan of the system and we compile a list of its necessary components.

We make efforts to create a charming, decorative, but also energy efficient outdoor lighting into your garden (Garden lighting plan).

In addition, some construction solutions require additional detail drawings.

The visual design plan helps you to imagine the overall picture of your new garden.

That’s how we can help you make the best of your garden!

In addition:

We offer garden designing advice to all those who would like to get answers to their problems or their questions.

We visit your garden anywhere in the country, or even beyond.