The process of creation

The process of creation

How do imaginary pictures of the garden we have dreamed up become final lines of a plan?

Garden designing is a creative process which is based on the efficient co-operation of Client and Designer. The designing procedure itself is a constant feedback between the partners, which is the sole basis of the final design that is to be accomplished. Therefore it is vital for both of us to understand and agree with the plan, since this is the only way we can guarantee that our Clients will be satisfied with the outcome. They will be proud of the realized masterpiece and will cheerfully show round their friends in their enviable garden.

But how to get to this point?

First of all, after contacting our Clients we make an appointment when we walk around the garden that we wish to reshape in order to get to know it. It is very important that we become familiar with all Your needs, concepts or even vague ideas concerning your garden, so that later we will be able to put together the small pieces of the design like a jigsaw puzzle. It is also necessary for us to get a short insight into the life of our Clients, because that makes us able to design a garden that suits the lifestyle of the owners perfectly.

Should you have just few ideas, it is no problem at all. We can present you some inspiring pictures about your brand new garden, where…

-Your children can play safely, even play football or make sandcastles in the sand pit,

-Your dog can run around freely,

-Your children can play safely, even play football or make sandcastles in the sand pit,

-Your dog can run around freely,

-You can make a nice BBQ in a cozy atmosphere with your family and friends

-You can give a nice birthday party

-You can sit down with a glass of wine to chill out after some tiring work

-You can teach your children how to climb a tree

-You can swim together with the fish

-You can relax in perfect comfort after a long day

-You can watch the shooting stars on Midsummer Night

-You can pick fresh herbs for healthy dishes

-You can pick some fragrant flowers for your wife

-You can watch the blackbirds bathing in the fountain or the little pond…

Secondly, we get the exact measures of the area, which is going to be the basis for the further landscape plans. We pay special attention to the existing plants, as the greatest value in the garden is an existing, healthy, full-grown tree or shrub.

After all, as the third step, we make the draft plan of our first impressions and the Client’s ideas. This plan is thoroughly evaluated at a personal meeting. Also, this is the time for the most important decisions to be made. During the consultation we discuss the building materials, the designing solutions used in the garden, and of course the main plants. It is not possible to create a final documentation which does not suit perfectly the Client’s claims! If necessary, we make appointments for additional consultations.

After the draft plan is accepted, we start to create the final documentation, for which we need a little time after the last consultation. The content of the final documentation is determined by the chosen design-package and the local features. After completing and plotting the plans are to put into a folder, and then placed into Your hands – and the next step depends on You!

Do you wish your dream garden to come true?

With the plans in Your hands You have the key to realize your most desired outdoor space! We make a detailed quotation for the construction of the garden, if needed. Finally our trained and enthusiastic team is willing to build Your garden with excellent quality and guarantee!

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